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One of Canada's most spectacular sights is the Bay of Fundy and its amazing tides. In our Bay of Fundy orientation centre you can learn what makes this body of water so special and how to best see and explore its 1,300 km of coastline. Our exhibits and staff will help you plan your activities around this awe inspiring natural attraction.

Mastodon Ridge is proud to be a Bay of Fundy Recommended Experience.

Facts about the Bay of Fundy
  • The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides on Earth. They occur near Wolfville, in Nova Scotia's Minas Basin.
  • The water level can change as much as 16 meters (52.5 feet)!
  • The tide comes in nearly an hour later each day because of the changing position of the Moon around the Earth.
  • The waters in the Minas Basin appear muddy because the tidal currents cause erosion of the red soils which become suspended in the water.

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